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I remember what she told me: "My daughter is in a crypt right now and today the Drews are celebrating Sarah's birthday.

Tina And The Bullies (Tina, book 2) by Rita Hestand

Forgive me if I'm not that concerned about the Drews. Nevertheless, I was deflated. I then handed the photo of Megan to a co-worker to scan.

Tina asked him to alter the photo. A few wisps of Megan's hair were out of place. No one else was there to say no. So I told Tina no.

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I couldn't grant this small request to the mother of a dead child because readers have to believe that the photos they see in the paper are real, unaltered. I felt inept. I was unsure not only of the decisions I had made but unsure if I was even the right person to be making them. I'm not that wise. I'm not that capable.

Tina And The Bullies

And I most certainly was not that confident. I felt lost and adrift. I prayed. After Tina's talk this month at the library, I told her all this.

She remembers the trip to the office, but not all the details. Looking back, she said, she wonders why she was concerned about the misplaced hair.

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Later in the process, Tina moved beyond Lori Drew, she said, although she has not been able to forgive her. Drew has remained silent and has offered no apology.

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On Monday I called Curt Drew at work and asked him to tell his wife that — once again, as I have done countless times over the years — I am seeking comment from her. She did not respond.

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The story ran without Lori Drew's name on a Sunday. The next day Tina took copies of the paper and hounded Lori Drew as Drew made her rounds to various businesses trying to sell advertising in her home-based publication. Tina handed each business person a copy of the paper and explained that the unnamed neighbor was Drew. Within a week, a blogger on the East Coast deduced the neighbor was Lori Drew.

The blogger was able to do this primarily because I had mentioned that Tina had been Lori Drew's real estate agent. The local prosecutor reviewed the case, again, and concluded no law was broken. He announced there would be no charges at a televised press conference in which all the parties were named. So the Suburban Journals at this point named Drew. Attorney found a creative way to bring Drew to justice. He charged Drew with defrauding MySpace. Drew's lawyer tried and failed to keep jurors from learning that Megan killed herself.

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My little newspaper sent me to cover the trial. Drew did not take the stand. A jury convicted her of three misdemeanor charges for lying about who she was when creating the Josh Evans MySpace account.

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A judge overturned the convictions and the Drew family moved to another state. In , Long began a nonprofit called Everything Starts with 1. However, she said her interactions with legislators about anti-bullying legislation have been disappointing. A well-developed reporting platform, school transparency and community involvement are all necessary to combat school bullying on the national level, Long said.

Author and journalist Sarah Smarsh came from generations of impoverished Kansas wheat farmers: hardworking, Our visitors can read three articles per month for free. After that, we invite you to become a subscriber. Youth Today. Recommended for you. Twitter - October 10, Eleanor thinks Tina is "definitely a demon," with a "whole gang of lesser demons, all dressed in matching gym suits" 6. Even though Tina is responsible for some truly horrendous acts of bullying—it's implied that she's behind a prank involving dumping Eleanor's clothes in the locker room toilet—she gets a moment of redemption at the end of the story when she actually helps Eleanor during the crisis with Richie.

It goes to show that some demons are not as bad as others. And when Steve offers to kill Richie along with Tina's stepdad, we get the sense that Tina might know her fair share of hardship, too. All rights reserved.