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Figurine of Wondrous Power Silver Raven 3. Fire Elemental Gem 3. Gaming Dice 3. Gauntlets of Dexterity 3. Glamoured Studded Leather 3. Greater Hat of Disguise 3. Hammer of Thunderbolts 3. Headband of Alluring Charisma 3. Helm of Underwater Action 3. Helm of teleportation 3. Holy Symbol of Ravenkind 3. Horseshoes of Speed 3. Iron Horn of Valhalla 3.

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Javelin of Piercing 3. Luck Blade 3. Mace of Smiting 3. Manual of Quickness in Action 3. Manual of Quickness of Action 3. Masterwork Weaponry 3. Mithril Scale Mail 3. Oil of Etherealness 3.

Pendant of Many Tongues 3. Periapt of Proof Against Poison 3. Periapt of foul rotting 3. Pipes of Haunting 3. Poisonous Cloak 3.

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Potion of Flying 3. Potion of Levitation 3. Prayer Beads 3. Ring of 3 Wishes 3. Ring of Animal Friendship 3. Ring of Blinking 3. Ring of Clumsiness 3. Robe of Blending 3. Rod of Beguiling 3. Rod of the Pact Keeper 3. Rope of constriction 3.

Rug of Smothering 3. Staff of Commanding 3. Staff of Defense 3. Staff of Storms 3. Staff of Thunder and Lightning 3. Staff of the Magi 3.

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Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals 3. Sustaining Spoon 3.

Sword of Vengance 3. Tentacle Rod 3. The Rod of Seven Parts 3. The Sword of the Dales 3. Tome of Leadership and Influence 3. Tome of Strahd 3. Vacuous Grimoire 3. Wand of Acid Arrow 3. Wand of Cure Light Wounds 3. Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds 3.

Wand of Hold Person 3. Wand of Illusion 3. Wand of Illusions 3. Wand of Metal and Mineral Detection 3. Wand of Viscid Globs 3. Wand of Webs 3. Wind Fan 3. Wings of Flying 3. Acid Weapon 2. Amulet of Dark Blessing 2. Amulet of Protection 2. Amulet of Protection From Turning 2. Amulet of Weapon Deflection 2.

Apparatus of Kwalish 2. Arrow of Sleep 2. Assassin's Dagger 2. Axe of Wounding 2. Axe of the Dwarvish Lords 2. Azuredge 2. Badge of the Watch 2.


Balance of Harmony 2. Balloon Pack 2. Bastard Sword of Wounding 2.